Client: Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC)

Promoting socially responsible drinking

Increasing awareness of Canada’s low-risk drinking guidelines among Millennials.

The DrinkSense brand is a property that the AGLC licenses from Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries.

DrinkSense is used as a vehicle to help jurisdictions educate consumers about drinking responsibly, and importantly, what the Canadian Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines (LRDG) are for both men and women.


Getting Albertans, specifically millennials in this case, to understand the low-risk drinking guidelines and participate in alcohol consumption in a way that is safe and healthy.


As part of our initial research and discovery we found that the hard-to-reach millennial audience often adheres to the LRDG however, will still participate in binge drinking activities when the occasion called for it. 

In order to reach millennials, we employed a highly targeted campaign using a blend of traditional, digital and public activations to engage them. We created a series of stop motion videos used in various places like social and Cineplex that encouraged millennials to visit our website where they could then take a quiz to see how their drinking habits compared to that of the LRDG. We also created an installation that toured around to post-secondary audiences across the province.

DRINKO: It’s plinko, but for drinking


This 45 second stop motion spot was played in theatres across Alberta. We used it as the base for the rest of the creative platform.

We also developed NewAd posters that were placed in bars across Alberta.


We developed a landing page to inform our audience about the guidelines.

Visitors took a quiz that told them if they were over the line or not.


We developed animated gifs and posted to social channels to direct traffic to the landing page.


And 15 second shareable videos thoughtfully cut from the main 45 second spot.

The Results

  • An increase in the awareness of the LRDG to 18% amongst our millennial audience (our objective was 13%)
  • Over 75,000 visitors to the website over the 5-week period of the campaign
  • 25,000 completed the quiz
  • Over 2,500 engagements with DrinkSense swag for the 8 Drinko events
  • 68% awareness of Enjoy Responsibly messaging amongst the target group (up from 48%)
  • 235% value vs purchase spend for overall media campaign
  • We saw the biggest increase for men where awareness was increased from 18% to 32%