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night photo of Rally Social House from outside showing the individual letters R, A, L, L, Y on the windows.

rally edmonton

Our client came to us with an iconic late-night spot that was ready and waiting to be revived, along with the concept of combining party with ping pong. The rest was up to us.

wall mural by the stair case inside Rally. Artwork contains a smiley face sticking its tongue out that turns into a pizza, rocknroll foamie, disco balls and various patterns.


After developing their brand platform from the ground up, we created a name that said everything they needed to say in one word: RALLY. The most exciting time in a ping pong match—and the point in the night when everyone takes the party to another level.

The logo centres on two L’s interacting with each other, which can then break apart to play ping pong in both static and animated executions.

Rally logo showing in black and blue backgound.

black and white variations of Rally logo

Rally logos shown in 4 background colours; blue, dark grey, pink, and yellow.

2 young adults playing ping pong. There's a mural of a blue panther behind them.

creating an experience

The visual identity went far beyond the logo, with custom party animal illustrations and animations—which came to life on their social pages, website, staff uniforms, and across their launch campaign.

But we didn’t just promote Rally Social Room. We created the entire experience. Through the exterior, stairwell, and entire interior space (bathrooms included), the branded environment immerses bargoers with murals, neons, print materials, and videos. People could even bring Rally home on a pizza box that surprised them with game when they opened it.

mockup of membership cards and coasters

pizza box mockup

mockups of tshirt merch in pink, black, and grey

We asked ZGM for a line up around the block for our grand opening. And that's exactly what we got.

Rally Owner
2 young adults playing ping pong with other people mingling with each other in the background
young male bartender shaking a cocktail drink

nights to remember

Within days, over 11k people visited the website of a bar they’d never heard of. And hundreds of them lined up around the block to be the first to experience it—exactly as our client had envisioned it.

And the lineups around the block didn't stop there. They continued every weekend for weeks to come.

interior photo of Rally showing the seating area and billiards area
desktop mockup of Rally website

how we rallied

Before the project started, our client’s ultimate goal was a lineup around the block on opening night. So, we spread the word with a combination of paid social, OOH billboards, sponsored content, and radio.

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