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A little yellow potato character with a speech bubble that reads "Enjoy the little things." on a brown background.
A yellow bag of Little Yellows potatoes with a clear window to see the potatoes.

big growth for little potatoes

Over the past 25 years, The Little Potato Company has grown from selling at farmers’ markets to becoming a multi-million-dollar company selling in major retailers across North America. When they came to ZGM, new competitors were entering the market and sales were starting to plateau. Together we recognized that their current audience—foodies and people cooking for special occasions—didn’t fit their growth goals. We needed to reposition their brand to make Little Potatoes an everyday pantry staple for families.

The text "ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS" with potato characters dotting the i's and j.

creating little moments of happiness for busy families

Before starting any design or writing, we created a brand platform that served as the foundation for everything to come. Extensive qualitative and quantitative research helped us refine The Little Potato Company’s brand purpose and values, as well as create their new brand positioning: Creating little moments of happiness for busy families. That positioning informed new brand pillars, key messaging, and tone of voice.

Main The Little Potato Company logo with 6 color variations, including yellows, reds, and purples themed after the potatoes.
The Little Potato Co. logo with the colored potatoes bouncing out of the logo.

designed for happiness

The Little Potato Company’s new visual ID brings dozens of elements together into one cohesive whole—all designed to create little moments of happiness. The logo went from having a premium feel to a quirky, bouncy and bold logo that would be instantly recognizable anywhere. We built the logo to be animated in a fun way, inspired by classic cartoons to resonate with both parents and their children.

From there came a family-friendly series of packages, made to bring a little smile to consumers faces with fun and bright designs that stand out on shelves against competitors.

A yellow bag, red bag, and blue bag of Little Potatoes.

A bag of Little Reds potatoes, showing close ups of decorative details on the packaging.
A microwavable package of little potatoes with a clear window to see the potatoes inside.

our characters and beyond

Our main illustrated characters represent the three primary potatoes sold by the Little Potato Company, offering a friendly and positive face for the brand. They’re thoughtful Little Potatoes, always ready to offer a little bit of helpful, feel-good advice for time-starved, busy families. Beyond countless static applications, our characters come to life in animation, spread a little joy to everyone who sees them. They can even be integrated into the logo, popping in and out of it for commercials and branded videos.

Little Potato Company logo applications on business cards, a cookbook spread, and collared t-shirt.
A tradeshow booth for Little Potato Company showcasing the new packaging designs and the little potato characters.

little potatoes are going big

The Little Potato Company first launched their new brand with a series of energetic corporate events at their offices in Canada and the US, as well as major grocery retailing trade shows. Redesigned products soon hit the shelves, along with a strategic integrated launch campaign that came to life across digital display, OOH, social media and more. The campaign put key brand elements front and centre, showing off the new packages and letting our characters introduce new consumers to the brand pillars and messages that will help sales grow to new heights

Little Potato Co merchandise at the tradeshow, including potato character enamel pins, a baseball cap, and white coffee travel mug.
A hand holding up 3 different Little Potato Co packages in a grocery store.

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