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A decorative cocktail glass filled with Blackberry Lemon Stickler and garnished with blackberries and a slice of lemon.

Meet Stickler. A gin-based shrub cocktail in a can. What is a shrub you might ask? It’s an age-old process of preserving fruits and veggies with sugars and vinegars. After discovering this actually tasted good in some instances, shrubs became popular in cocktail culture in the early 1900s. Now days, bartenders will often have a shrub or two under the counter as they are the key ingredient in some of the most complex and unique cocktails of all time.

The designs for the blackberry lemon and grapefruit Stickler cans before putting on the can.
A rendering of the grapefruit Stickler Shrub Cocktail on a pink background.

Stickler became the guiding principle for our team as we developed the brand and the product. Trusting our guts and our tastebuds, we made sure that every detail was meticulously addressed, from selecting genuine ingredients to deciding what went on the can. In such a crowded space, our brand couldn’t afford to spring any leaks.

A Stickler photoshoot featuring Javi the cat.

A watercolour illustration of blackberries and a lemon with a stick piercing them.

The best part about a full-service marketing firm, is being able to draw on so many talented people. When it came to bring the brand to life, everyone has their hand up. From photography which was done in house (thank you Taryn) to illustrations which were hand drawn (thank you Nichola) to the design of the brand itself (thank you Scott and Ryan) the list goes on and on. So many ZGMers are a part of this little can and we are so lucky and grateful to have their passion and know-how available to us. Rolling this out was the fun part and it shows.

Cans of Stickler floating on a white background.

I don’t know what the hell I’m tasting, but I know it’s going to be dangerous this summer!

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A mockup of the Stand Out campaign on a billboard featuring the grapefruit Stickler.

An example of the Stickler Stand Out campaign on an instagram ad.

We're just getting started, but we've already got billboards, social media posts, booths, tents, caps, coasters, stickers, buttons, and more in the works. This is the exciting phase where we introduce Stickler to the world. As a marketing firm, we've been anticipating this moment since we first conceived of it. If you spot it on a shelf at your local liquor store, we hope you enjoy it!

Various colourful Stickler swag including a baseball hat, coasters, buttons and a t-shirt.

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