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Wide shot of beautiful Rohit kitchen

the same old same old

The home building industry is plagued by advertising that is so generic, it’s almost impossible to distinguish one builder from another. It’s hard to find a builder in the market that stands for anything, or stands apart from the rest. As the competition was blurring together, and competing on pricing promotions, Rohit Communities found a way to stand out. Rohit Communities and ZGM re-developed their brand and their marketing to be built on their core purpose. A new brand, paired with a message that their audience would fall in love with—so much so, that it would lead them to making the biggest purchase decision of their life.

A magazine-worthy Rohit living room

We uncovered the Rohit Communities purpose: “helping everyone feel better about where they live.” Then, we positioned Rohit Communities around their biggest differentiating factor—their six unique Designer Interiors. With their globally inspired, all-encompassing styles, the Designer Interiors became the dramatic new star of Rohit’s branding and sales campaign.

A collection of Rohit design styles
A stunning hanging lamp in a Rohit home

a focus on design

In order to stand out from the other high-volume home builders, we knew we had to do something that was drastically different from what people were seeing in the market. We highlighted Rohit’s Designer Interiors and pushed messaging that focused on designer details, attainable prices, and purposeful design—all supported by powerful imagery that focused on the details and the new brand purpose. A complete 180 from what competitor ads in the market featured. We branded Rohit Communities as “your designer homebuilder,” creating a distinctive market position that separated Rohit from both custom builders and spec home builders. A designer home at attainable prices? New homebuyers were sure to be intrigued.

A beautifully lit Rohit kitchen

The New Nordic design by Rohit

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