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"Amputee Oscar" poster on a dark grey background
a collection of mock up social ads showing disability representation in the film industry

kello inclusive

The dream at Kello is that years from now, it will feel fully bizarre to have anything in the public eye – a commercial, a movie, a catalogue – that doesn’t include disability representation. Their talent agency focuses on disabled and visibly different folks, with or without experience in “the industry”.

a collection of posters normalizing disability in the film industry, such as an amputee Oscar, film reel wheelchair, and film walker.
screen grabs of the online community reacting positively to Kello Inclusive's instagram posts

from normal to normal-er

With 22% of Canadians identifying as disabled*, 
it’s very likely that if you aren’t disabled yourself, 
you know someone who is. So why not introduce 
this common “difference” to some of the most iconic visuals of the movie, TV, and commercial industry? 
We made the Oscar statue, a movie reel, and some pieces of film even more normal.

*Source: Canada's Disability Inclusion Action 
Plan 2022

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