Client: Jayman BUILT

Selling New Homes In An Economic Downturn

Cutting through the clutter with brand focus and a new strategy.

As Alberta’s largest home builder, Jayman creates their homes with more added value than any other builder. They build homes that function the way people want them to, at a price point others can’t compete with.


With oil on the decline in 2015, Alberta’s economy was declining too – greatly impacting new home sales. Less people were coming to the province for oil-related work, and many who were in that industry were now leaving the province. That, combined with Alberta’s changing demographics and immigration patterns, created an opportunity for Jayman BUILT to not only redefine their product offering, but also their positioning in the market.


To start, we helped Jayman consolidate their two single-family brands – Jayman MasterBUILT and Innovations. This went beyond marketing to actually creating new products that catered to new markets – larger homes with less upgraded spec, and smaller homes with higher end spec options. But no matter what type of home someone purchased, they would have the peace of mind knowing that their home was built better than the competitors.

To communicate this, we created an updated brand platform and entirely new advertising campaign that articulated the key benefits of this shift – new products and better standard features. Through our research we realized this meant that Jayman homes were designed and built around performance, and we created the new positioning line “Performance lives here.”

We also overhauled the Jayman website – a key component to the home buying process. The new site was built based on insights drawn from various methods of user testing, experience, focusing on customer-centric simplicity with a larger push on lead generation than ever before.

Given the diverse target market segments and the consumer mindset throughout the pathway to purchase, we developed a multi-channel advertising campaign that spoke to people differently throughout the journey. 


We produced a 30-second awareness commercial to reintroduce the Jayman brand to the market
and generate interest in the new changes.


15-second spots supported the awareness commercial but spoke more to the key benefits that Jayman
offered over competitors. These ran on TV after the initial awareness push, and on targeted online ad platforms.

We also developed ads which explained the changes in more depth, and introduced the Check & Compare feature.


We developed a Check & Compare booklet that was available in sales centres and online. This piece outlined
the key features that Jayman included over competitors, proving that they were different.


The website was also redesigned to reflect the new brand and direction.

The Results

In the month prior to the launch of the updated brand and campaign, Jayman had missed their budget sales forecasts by no less than 50% each month and were on a downward trend (this was in line with industry trends). Not only did the new brand launch stop the negative slide, we blew the numbers away. We work closely with Jayman, sharing KPIs and results, and Jayman exceeded their home sale forecasts by 35%. They readjusted their targets in the months that followed and still exceeded those new targets by 20% and 38% – results unparalleled in the current market. In addition, we saw a massive increase in critical client metrics including website traffic, time on site and sales centre traffic.