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time to change

ZGM has worked with Jayman BUILT, Alberta’s largest residential home builder, for the last 15 years. We were engaged in the summer of 2015 to evolve their marketing platform to combat the rapidly contracting provincial economy and its negative impact on new-home sales. Through this process, we helped Jayman come to the conclusion that it was time to consolidate their two single-family brands – Jayman MasterBUILT and Innovations by Jayman. The brands were created years earlier to appeal to two different audiences, but over time had become closer to parity in terms of price and target audience. It was leading to potential market confusion, media cannibalization and operational inefficiencies.

A kitchen in a Jayman showhome

a builder that listens

As Alberta’s largest home builder, Jayman builds their homes with more added value than any other builder – and this was true across both existing divisions. But they don’t just add low value “filler” specifications, they add elements and designs that reflect how people live in their homes and what their customers consistently want to add or include. In short, they build homes that function the way people want them to, at a value others can’t compete with.

A Jayman post that says "Your perfect home base is now our base homes".

performance lives here

Typically associated with cars, through our research and conversations we realized that Jayman homes were designed and built around performance. From that realization, we developed a new positioning line “Performance lives here.”

Our challenge was then to build the brand to support the “performance” positioning, and roll out a new brand look, tone, visual articulation and launch campaign across all the consumer touch points. And for Alberta’s largest builder, there were many touch points – from Sales Centres to truck decals, from way-finding signage to brochures, from business cards to advertising, the brand needed to be consistently applied across literally thousands of touch points.

Mockup of the website on a monitor

Through the brand consolidation ZGM overhauled Jayman’s digital strategy and website. The new site was based around the user experience and used best-in-class IA that we determined through user testing, heat mapping and research of the competition and market leaders from across North America. The site has a focus on customer-centric simplicity and has a larger push on lead generation than ever before with the ultimate goal of pushing potential customers to face-to-face sales opportunities.

In order to re-launch the brand in Alberta we needed a platform that would allow us to tell a story. Television was selected because of the diverse demographics and ability to use audio and video to launch the brand. The 30-second spot developed told the ‘Jayman BUILT gives you more value for less’ story through emotive real-life vignettes of different audience segments truly living in their homes.

Along with launching the new brand we needed to inform consumers about new, included features in Jayman homes, and we wanted to frame these features in a way that shows their ‘real-life’ application.

Outside shot of Jayman show home on a sunny day.

diverse channels for a diverse audience

Given the diverse target market segments, and the consumer mindset throughout the pathway to purchase, ZGM developed a multi-channel advertising campaign to come of out of the corner swinging. Campaign elements included:

  • Awareness-Based Television

  • Product-Focused Broadcast

  • Digital Advertising & Re-Marketing

  • Social and Mobile-Based Ads

  • Sales Centre CTA

  • Email Marketing and CRM Consulting

Jayman workbook that says "Unparalleled PERFORMANCE build into every home"

check + compare

We developed a ‘Check and Compare’ checklist and actively encouraged potential customers to go to a Jayman sales centre, or online, to use this checklist to compare the value of what is included with a Jayman home versus the competition. This proactive approach, utilized by over 60% of home buyers, further reinforced Jayman’s competitive advantage.

Jayman Check and Compare door hanger.
A full-page Jayman post in a magazine

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