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Honest Dumplings

Honest Dumpling Logo

Food packaging lies. From the photos to the ingredients to the promises of 100% this and 100% that, deception is everywhere. But Edmonton-based Honest Dumplings didn’t need dishonesty to sell their product. The quality and flavour of the dumplings is outstanding—honestly. They just needed a brand that would take their product from the Farmer’s Markets into the grocery store.

Honest Dumpling packaging with one purple dumpling in front of it
Honest Dumpling illustrations

We decided to do the exact opposite of what everyone else was doing.

We created a brand that rewards exploration. We illustrated the dumpling flavours in a fun, simple and honest style that stands out. The packaging encourages customers to buy and actually try the product for themselves. There is no photoshop, no little window to see what’s inside, no trendy colour palette—just a company banking on honesty and deliciousness to sell some dumplings.

A collection of Honest Dumpling packages
Honest Dumpling napkins

Honest Dumpling t-shirts on three happy people
Honest Dumplings cart covered in illustrations
A collection of Honest Dumpling phrases

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