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A rendering of a three storey home, with the headline "2 Renters for the Price of 1 Mortgage."
A newly constructed three-storey home with eight "for sale" realtor signs out front.
A Facebook Ad mockup on an iPhone for Daytona Homes with the headline "Buy 1 House Get 2 Properties."

overcome buyer hesitency

In a challenging economic environment, with high mortgage rates and homebuyer hesitancy, we needed to articulate the unique value proposition of the three-floor Zenvo model and its benefits to potential buyers.

An example of a display ad for on the web with the text "2 Renters for the price of 1 Mortgage."
A gif showing a two-storey home pop up into a three-storey home.

1 mortgage, 2 renters

Recognizing the evolving real estate landscape, we identified growing demand within the rental market and for investment properties in the Edmonton region. With homeownership becoming increasingly difficult due to high mortgage rates, the Zenvo presented a compelling investment opportunity for those who wanted to get into the appealing rental market with a property that was already set for two occupants. The Zenvo’s design allowed for dual occupancy under a single mortgage, appealing to both homebuyers who are looking for an income property and investors alike. Moreover, the Zenvo's unique lower floor, was something that could be cleverly dubbed as an "above-floor" basement, as it promised a brighter and more desirable living space, elevating its appeal in the competitive rental market.

Two phones mocking up an Instagram Story ad for the Daytona Homes Duo Campaign.
An example of the Daytona Homes Duo Homes campaign as an LinkedIn social ad.

communicate the offer

The Duo campaign ran from September to December 2023, leveraging Paid Social, Programmatic Display, and Paid Search channels. Creative assets, including animations illustrating the innovative design, were developed to engage the audience and drive conversions. Two campaign messages were used: “2 Renters For The Price Of 1 Mortgage” and “Buy 1 House Get 2 Properties” to capture the attention of investors and clearly communicate the double income value the property could bring.

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