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As Canada’s largest independently owned juice and smoothie retailer, Booster Juice was in need of a new website that provided a better user experience for the customers, as well as increased operational efficiency for the company.

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in with the new

Booster Juice were already aware of a number of usability issues with their website, and further research just confirmed it. Using tree-testing, we optimized their navigation and spent some time reworking the key user flows for the site, before prototyping the proposed solution. We setup bi-weekly check-ins with the client in a semi-Agile Project Management approach, reviewing work in progress and providing Booster Juice the opportunity to weigh-in and participate in the creative process.

This approach was mobile first since the majority of their traffic came from mobile devices. We designed a tag-based allergen filter to allow customers to quickly filter out all products that contained selected allergens.

The previous product photography did not accurately reflect the brand or capture the vibrant colour and richness of the fresh ingredients. We reshot everything on the menu, until everyone was satisfied it conveyed what Booster Juice is known for, always fresh!

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We pride ourselves on being digital problem solvers. We have to be looking at business objectives—otherwise we’re just making pretty pictures.

A mockup of the Booster Juice website on a laptop
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engine rehaul

The IT team was also spending considerable time creating and maintaining nutritional information in multiple systems. Their current site was built in WordPress and was just not able to handle their IT team’s operational needs. ZGM was selected in part because we were very familiar with their Microsoft-based internal infrastructure and could develop their new CMS in the same .NET framework for a seamless integration into their backend operations. We built their new backend system to dynamically pull data from a national nutrition database into the customer facing product detail pages, effectively cutting their product management efforts in half.

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