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a collection of logos that were part of the Beaverbrook brand

market confusion

Beaverbrook Group of Companies (BBCG) had dominated the Edmonton real estate market in every division – whether it was homebuilding, community development or commercial real estate. The problem? Nobody knew they were connected under the same roof. For BBGC to continue growing and penetrate new markets, they needed to change their name, and they needed to ensure whatever new market they entered would have complete understanding of their capabilities as a multifaceted real estate company.

A woman hugging a child with her husband in the background. "Make life even more amazing" is written on top

stand out from the crowd

Our job was to establish a brand for Cantiro and create consistency across the former group of companies. The new brand needed to stand out from the competition but also represent the benefits of their scale, their product offerings, their history, and their 25+ years of experience.

A collection of Cantiro branded stationary

phase 1: alignment

A lived, true brand purpose. For Cantiro, it wasn’t just about creating a new brand around a new name – it was about bringing people and processes together with internal alignment. To create that alignment, having a single brand purpose that everyone relates to, and that drives each of them forward is essential. During interviews with different leaders from each division and subsequent work, we revealed that while each division had their own unique stories, there were some key similarities in how, and why, they operated the way they did. We took those similarities and leveraged them into a new brand purpose that would create company-wide alignment. A brand purpose everyone could be proud of.

Four Cantiro branded buttons along with a framed brand graphic

a purpose we could be proud of

We create the environments for amazing lives to happen.

This new collective purpose is a reminder of why Cantiro exists and a call to action to get their team up every day to do what they do. It’s intended to direct every decision they make throughout the entire organization going forward.

Cantiro branded notebooks
The Cantiro logo on a dark green background
A man laughing carrying his daughter over his shoulder on a fall day. "Make life even more amazing" is the caption

phase 2: consistency

The second part of our task was creating consistency within the united brand. When creating a purpose-based brand for Cantiro, it was important that their purpose, we create the lives for amazing lives to happen, was intertwined in everything that they did. With the brand platform identified, the next step was bringing it all to life. A meaningful visual identity to unify the brand and effectively position Cantiro in the market as a truly unique and premium option for consumers, partners, and investors.

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