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Our media team embraces an evidence-centric approach to channel and media planning. All strategies are rooted in data and research to truly understand the audiences we are looking to engage and connect with.

We're channel-neutral. Our starting point is to understand our target audience and their journey with your brand—all with the goal to uncover insights that will help us deliver the right message, at the right time, and through the right channel. Whether that’s online or offline, our in-house team has the expertise to plan and buy for all channels.

the right tools for the job

ZGM subscribes to multiple industry tools for data and research—from broadcast ratings to insights on consumer mindsets and behaviours to media usage and social listening, we have the tools keep ourselves and our clients informed.

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our services include:

  • Audience research

  • Digital media planning and buying including programmatic, paid search, and social media placements

  • Television planning and buying

  • Radio planning and buying

  • Out-of-home planning and buying

  • Print planning and buying

  • Media audits

Once your media buy is in place, we monitor your campaign as it runs, pivoting quickly when needed to optimize performance between media placements.

To ensure the strongest outcomes for e-commerce or conversion-based campaigns, our Data Insights team is consulted to enhance engagement and conversion across a variety of digital platforms. This team also manages our real-time performance dashboards and specializes in per-channel attribution tracking and alignment with broader business metrics.

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