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We like to call our creative and design team storytellers. Don’t get us wrong, creativity’s great. It’s a wonderful renewable resource that is continually used to solve the world’s problems. But when it comes to business or social change, storytelling feels more appropriate. It’s less about one-off campaigns and more about creating long-term brand stories. Sometimes your product is the hero of those stories, sometimes it's your customers — but no matter the tale, your brand always finds a happy ending.

Concordia University creative by ZGM

Story first. Creative execution second. As a creative marketing agency that uses a storytelling model, we always start with the overall narrative. A story that is developed in close collaboration with all departments and our clients. This part of the process often involves research, learning, tiny sandwiches, a thought-out brand platform, some nice diagrams, and maybe even a blocking chart. Someone from the storytelling department is always involved throughout the process. We're not a “wait for the strategy to come from the account people” type agency.

Honest Dumpling creative by ZGM

After the story is developed, it’s time to execute. Creatively. How we tell the story is (almost) equally important. Because the words, pictures, pixels, and sounds need to be the best ones possible in order to help you make your greatest mark. Speaking of the doing, whenever it makes sense, we do the animating, editing, banner-building, shooting, sounds and pixels ourselves. No middle people. We know your world’s moving at a record pace and you need to tell more stories for less money, faster than ever.

ZGM wall art
United Apart campaign by ZGM
Fort Mac Wood Buffalo creative by ZGM
V Burger illustration by ZGM
Mr. Covid gaming on a couch
A carbon monoxide detector with a monocle and a moustache

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