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Consumers have changed. They insist on full brand transparency and not only with products and services but what that brand stands for. Being authentic has become a major factor in the purchasing decision and brands need to step up the plate or risk striking out.

Purpose-based branding is a core service at ZGM and we are very proud of the brands we’ve worked with and developed. Here’s a sneak peek at our approach:

ZGM brand pillars

After over 17 years of developing brands for some of the top organizations in North America, one thing we know for certain: simpler is better. Too often we overcomplicate. We use too much jargon or water down our statements to the point where no one can remember the words (let alone live by them). That’s why we’ve simplified our brand platform. To get to the heart of what matters and make it stick.

Helping good organizations make a greater mark of the world

brand purpose

This is the reason you get out of bed in the morning. What drives you? Why is this important to you and the world around you? A purpose-based brand is so much bigger than a logo and colour palette, it’s the rallying cry for the team and the heart and soul of your organization.

Done right, purpose can bring focus to a business, motivate staff, and allow consumers to see how their values align with your own. It can heighten how a brand impacts its community, industry, and even society as a whole. All good things.

Creating authentic brand experiences using the right balance of humanity and technology

brand positioning

Positioning is the “how.” How are we going to achieve our purpose? For instance, if your purpose was to fly a kite, the positioning would be how you would tie it to a piece of string and throw it in the air on a windy day. Getting the language to be simple, actionable and memorable is the art of this (luckily we have a few artists in the shop).

Six icons of ZGM brand values

brand values

These are the immovable beliefs of the organization. The core of who you work for, who you work with. They are fundamental to how we behave with each other and how we believe we can be successful as a team. Too often they are overlooked or too general to be useful. Keeping them simple but to the point is where the art is and that’s where we can help uncover and define these foundations of your culture.

V Burger style guide

brand expression

This is the fun part where we get to see the output of all our work. It’s the logos, the colors, the signage, the website etc. that brings everything to life. This rolls out naturally when you have a strong foundation to build from and it becomes a part of every touchpoint in your organization. Have a look at some our more recent work below:

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