Public & Stakeholder Engagement

Every organization has someone they need to listen to. Everyone has a group that will define their success. Whether they’re constituents, citizens, stakeholders, shareholders, customers, service users, followers, advocates or critics – you have an audience you need feedback from so you can be confident that your next step is the right one. But the strength of that confidence is directly tied to the quality of that feedback.

That’s where we come in. For almost thirty years, we have been designing, moderating, facilitating, advertising, analyzing, synthesizing and otherwise delivering public and stakeholder engagement for organizations of all shapes, sizes and complexities. We’ve done it in virtually every sector you can imagine and are particularly skilled at addressing the complex, risky or outright controversial topics that other engagement teams often avoid.

Whether you need just a few facilitated sessions to take the temperature of a select group within the community you serve, or an omni-channel engagement design and implementation to listen closely to the needs of a broader public to draw out their hidden insights, and everything in-between – we’ve done it all, and never the same way twice. We’ll engage your audiences and get them to dig deep, think clearly and give you answers to the critical questions you need to fulfill your mandate and ambitions.

No matter the topic, no matter the circumstance, we’re here as your conduit, not just to connect you to your audiences – but to make sure you truly understand what they are saying to you.


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