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over 25 years of industry leadership

ZGM has been a leader in charitable lottery fundraising for over 25 years, committed to causes that make a critical difference. Our full range of lottery services can be comprehensive or specific, including:

  • Fundraising strategy and planning

  • Brand development

  • Prize strategy and procurement

  • Full marketing services

  • Pricing and ticket strategies

  • Sales strategies and management, including staffing

  • Due diligence in meeting all regulatory and financial reporting requirements

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Nonprofit fund development is a unique industry that presents challenges not found in other industries in Canada.

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charity lottery market saturation

The charity lottery market is cluttered. There are a lot of people selling lottery tickets to meet their fundraising goal and only so many people interested in buying. Our lotteries successfully compete in some of the most saturated markets in Canada. How successfully? Keep scrolling to see our Key Results.

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consumer fatigue

Charitable lotteries have been around for decades. Due to this sustained time in market, it can be hard to keep old audiences engaged year-over-year while keeping the message fresh to introduce the lottery to new audiences.

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price sensitivity

Purchasing a charitable lottery ticket is a larger investment for ticket buyers than buying a convenience-focused 6/49 ticket from the gas station. Price sensitivity is a factor, and this is especially evident in more challenging economic circumstances.

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the ZGM approach to great fundraising

Every year we aspire to be inventive and excite ticket buyers with both the prizes we offer and the marketing they experience. We never approach a lottery as a template—we convey the cause with great passion because we genuinely believe it makes a difference.

We build brand for the long haul because consumer loyalty and market presence are essential. We also bring discipline and rigor to each year’s management because every single dollar makes a difference. We believe that keeping both of these priorities top-of-mind every year is the key to great fundraising.

key results

We have worked on Full House Lottery for decades—since its inception—and it has provided a return of over $100 million to the Royal Alexandra and University Hospital Foundations. Even in 2020, with the onslaught of COVID-19, Full House Lottery exceeded benchmarks. It has a strong brand presence and is the pre-eminent lottery in our market.

We are proud of our work on lotteries and the results they have produced for these foundations, who are so vital to their communities.

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