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impressions generated for new home clients in 2019

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Marketing new home builds is highly competitive and changing at a rapid pace. Faster than any other time in history. Across North America, consumers are demanding more from their homebuilder— more transparency, more access, and more flexibility. Today's builder needs to build long-term relationships and stay on top of consumers' growing expectations.

Over the last 20 years, we have worked with more than a dozen homebuilders and developers to generate more leads, of higher quality, that convert more often - at higher prices. This leads to a more efficient use of your marketing budget and more sales with higher margins.

Purpose-Based Brand

In the last 15 years, purpose-based brands have outpaced the market by more than 300%1.

Why? Customers are demanding more from the companies they buy from, a purpose they can invest in — emotionally and with their dollars. A purpose that shines through in every brand touchpoint. Developing a purpose-based brand is essential for success in the market of today and the future.

traditional homebuilder marketing is dead — what now?

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The ZGM Full Funnel Formula

Marketing product and price alone won't lead to success. You need a full-funnel strategy to speak to your buyers from awareness all the way to happy customer. The ZGM Full Funnel Formula sets out custom strategies to help you grow in every part of that buyer journey funnel. By creating awareness, getting buy-in, and nurturing leads with these strategies, we've seen leads jump between 30%-40%.

Canadian Home Builders' Association
Dallas Builders Association
National Association of Home Builders

Media Buying Expertise

Many see media buying as a simple process — go online, buy radio ads, done. Much like how some see homebuilding as a simple process — kitchen here, bedroom there, done. But we know that's not the case, in homebuilding or media planning. The mix of channels, when to pull each lever, the constant optimizing. All essential to an effective media buy. The ZGM team comes with years of experience in new homebuilding and development to make the most of each media dollar.

Metrics beyond the sale

Our client success is often measured by sales, but campaign metrics are just as important. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but to make the most of your marketing and learn for next time. Tracking campaign performance against set metric goals has led to cost savings, dramatic efficiencies, and smarter investments. As marketing budgets get tighter every year, so does the need for data and understanding of investment spent.

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