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Consumers buy everything online now — including food. The US alone went from 22% growth in 2019 to 40% growth in 2020 and it's predicted that 25% of grocery will be sold online by 2025*.

This doesn't just impact new product launches, it influences how you need to show up on shelf and online. How do you get a trial when 25% of consumers don't go to stores or buy based on an electronic shopping list? You step up your brand, and your game, to create a new type of customer engagement.

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The best foods are a feast for all senses — our food brands are no different. We start with your great product, flesh out the brand, season heavily with market research, explore different combinations of promotion until we find the right blend, and finally, we plate with beautiful packaging. And we're pretty good at it too. We have years of experience helping food and beverage organizations build their brand, name products, launch offerings, break into new retailers, and conquer market share.

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Sure, but consumers are buying brands with backstories they can relate to and a purpose to change the world, or at least leave it in a better way than they found it. Brands that have purpose perform 4 times better than those that don't* and it's not enough to just give to charity anymore. We help food brands tell their stories, find their purpose, and integrate them into their products and marketing to create a bigger impact.


Marketing departments and sales teams now co-own sales performance, $/sq foot, and turn rates. That's why being part of the conversation early is crucialthat's when we can flex our creative problem-solving muscles to help position your products for success.

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Market share—brand launch metrics from related product launch

NKD Fridge Fresh Chocolate
Calgary Farmer's Market
The Little Potato Company
Liquor Stores North America
Honest Dumplings
Little Gem Winery
OPA of Greece
South Island Pies
Booster Juice
Uproot Food Collective
V Burger

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