Crisis & Issues Management

Bad things happen to even the best run organizations and leaders. We understand that. Breathe – we’re here to help.

We live in an era where speed matters and facts don’t. You need to get ahead of that. You need a team to get you organized, give you perspective and get you ready to tell the truth, tell it quickly, take control of your narrative and – more importantly – making sure that no one else does. By bringing together problem-solving crisis managers, precision-obsessed digital strategists and one of Alberta’s most prolific creative studios, we have the talent and tools to get the situation under control, bring clarity to your voice and certainty to your actions. From the moment we get there, things get better.

Whether you’re looking to develop a proactive plan to deploy against your worst-case scenario, or whether you’re already watching your social media mentions explode, we’re the people you call. We’ve been doing this for decades and are a complete source for crisis management planning and execution. From planning out your strategy, to training your spokespeople, to crafting your communications and pushing it out into the world, we’re there to support you before, during and after a crisis arises.


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