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Sure, we’re looking for people who’ve got skills. people skills, production skills, coding skills, coffee making skills, etc. but what you may not know is, we’re really looking for people who share the same core values as we do. this is important as our core values are what separate us from… well, everyone. so, if you are creative, passionate, adventurous and want to work in an environment that nurtures and promotes all of those qualities, we should hangout.


Employee Handbook

We’re currently looking for

Front-End Web Developer

Calgary Office

ZGM is looking for a front-end developer for our Digital Product team. You are a passionate purveyor of HTML, CSS, JS, and anything that can be…


Edmonton Office

We’re looking for a Copywriter to work in our Edmonton office. We want someone who can come up with great campaignable ideas for our diverse range of clients. We want you to also be able to write. Write for the web. Write for social.

Animated Banner Builder

Calgary Office

Help us build animated online banner ads (Adobe Animate, Google Web Designer) regularly, quickly and on short notice. Send us links to what you’ve built and an indication if you’d prefer freelance

Account Manager

Edmonton Office

We are ZGM and this is what we think should be ingrained in your DNA. You’ll interpret conversations from clients as briefs, take stock and give the client direction on where they should go. You’ll get those briefs into our process…