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ZGMers having a blast at an ACE awards show
A close-up of a foosball table with yellow and black players
Ironically, here’s a shot of our foosball table

Culture does not equal foosball

Culture is a precious flower that thrives or wilts depending on how much tender love and care it's given. It’s not a foosball table or Wine Fridays (which we have), it’s not the bike team or social committee (which we have too). Culture is the pulse of your organization. Like a brand, culture is the sum of an organization and the initial feeling you get when you think of working there. In our case, we hope it's the cool, supported, oh boy I love my job kind of feeling.

Teresa outstanding in her field
Teresa outstanding in her field

Like bacteria, culture grows in the right environment

We've always kept culture at our core. It’s the lifeblood of our company and why we're able to consistently knock things out of the park. Culture is always hard to put your finger on but we’ve put together a collection of clues that may help demonstrate ours:

Values have to align. Yours, ours, everyones. These ones are simple but near and dear to our hearts.

Two cyclists in matching checker jerseys high-fiving at the end of a race
Kirstin and Sarah finishing the GranFondo in Spokane

how we stay healthy

  • Bike team

  • Floor hockey team

  • Running team

  • Kickball team

  • Foosball team (k that one’s a stretch)

  • Yoga classes

  • Bootcamps

  • Guided meditation

  • Nabs mental health support

A halloween reenactment of the Shining by ZGMers

how we stay happy

  • St. Patrick’s day

  • Octoberfest

  • Halloween

  • Christmas in Banff

  • Stampede

  • Wine Fridays

  • Formal Fridays

  • Pot lucks

  • Thirsty Thursdays

  • Award show blowouts

  • Hot wings challenges

As a company, we strive to live our purpose and values. This includes solidifying our commitment to deliver meaningful change in our diversity and equity. This is why we have the ZGM Equity and Diversity Team.

We at ZGM are committed to ensuring that all people, across age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, faith and physical abilities, feel welcome and are represented in our decision making. We promise our staff, clients, and communities that we will never stop learning, sharing, and working toward becoming a more equitable organization.

As part of our dedication to the commitment, we are constantly receptive to feedback from our community. We are always open to being called in and corrected to become more inclusive in our language and practices.

The ZGM employee handbook
our employee handbook

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I bet we'd get along famously.

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