Client: Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Foundation

Working to prevent cancer in Alberta.

The objective of the Alberta Prevents Cancer initiative is to encourage behaviour changes in Albertans by providing them with the tools, resources and information they need to make preventative changes to their personal healthcare.

Our Challenge

To translate in-depth research on the factors that increase Albertans’ risk of cancer into engaging and actionable content and tools to help Albertans lead healthy, preventative lifestyles.

The Solution

After extensive research, we gained two clear insights:

Albertans want personalized, localized information, and are motivated by statistics and local information most relevant to them. We should incorporate local cancer and risk factor stats when appropriate.

Make it easy. Albertans want clear, actionable steps to be healthier – typically focused on exercise and eating better. Most people don’t actively seek out “prevention” (usually search by cancer or risk factor). We must connect these dots for them.

The Work

Add some content for the website build and landing pages.


To support the extensive website and online tools ZGM developed, we created approximately 100 digital ads that were grouped into three messaging buckets, determined from previous research:

1. PAR Stats – These messages used statistics from the Population Attributable Risk study to show our audience how many cases of cancer in Alberta could be prevented by modifying a certain risk factor.

2. Health = Prevention – These messages focused on telling people that their healthy actions had prevention benefits as well. They were targeted towards people who were already engaged in healthy behaviours (e.g. eating right) through contextual targeting.

3. Take Action – These messages promoted the tip sheets we developed for the campaign landing pages and encouraged our audience to visit the site to find clear, actionable tips.

The Results

  • An increase of 2,726% new visits to the website
  • A 569% increase in new visits to the website (compared to the previous campaign)
  • Heat-mapping enabled us to optimize the landing pages
  • Tracking individual page performance allowed us to optimize the media buy, promoting top performing ads
  • We were able to confirm the types of content PAR Stats and Take Action messaging resonated most with Albertans