ZGM and Calder Bateman HOOKED UP

More specifically, we brought our talent together as a single company under the ZGM banner. This move combined the complementary expertise each company is known for, and created a powerful full-service company across Alberta’s marketing, advertising, public relations and digital communications sectors.

Why does this matter? It gives us equal-strength offices in both Calgary and Edmonton. And with the game-change pool of skills and experience, we can provide better solutions to our clients. For existing Calder Bateman clients, this move increased access to digital and campaign services. For ZGM, our clients benefit from enhanced public relations, public affairs and issues management. Overall, our talent is now deeper across the board.

This move is a bold commitment to Alberta, creating a strong, integrated agency which can compete nationally from within the province.

We’re excited about it and ready to help you make your mark on the world.