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Where would you end up?


The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre



Where would you end up if you lost everything? Unfortunately, the answer for many Calgarians is: homeless. Our campaign for the Drop-In Centre aimed to change that.

The Challenge

Position the Drop-In & Rehab Centre as a leader in the rehabilitation and care for Calgary’s homeless population.

The Solution

Many aid organizations stop at just meeting the basic needs of the homeless—food, shelter, medical care—but the Drop-In expands the definition of basic needs to include community. Many people end up homeless because something terrible happened to them, and they didn’t have a network of support to help them. The Drop-In helps their clients build this network, so they can begin to see value themselves and move beyond homelessness.

To communicate the importance of the community the Drop-In provides and illustrate the underlying causes of homelessness, we created a campaign that told the true stories of the tragedies that put Drop-In clients on the street and posed the question: Where would you end up? This forced Calgarians to consider the impact a tragedy like losing their family would have on their life and positioned the Drop-In as an organization that sees the humanity behind homelessness.

The outdoor and print executions drove traffic to the Drop-In website where visitors could read the true story behind all of the billboard headlines and see how the Drop-In helped.