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Open Everywhere


Athabasca University


2012 - 2014

Canada’s leader in Online and Distance Education needed to rebrand to reclaim its leadership position. We put them back on top with an accessible brand story.


To reclaim Athabasca University’s leadership position in online and distance education with a new brand, brand story, and global marketing and media plan.


To reclaim AU’s leadership position with a new mark, new positioning, and a more aggressive and focused plan for advertising the AU brand story. For over 40 years, AU has been one of the world’s leaders in online and distance education, and is widely recognized as the first in Canada to open this digital door to students across Canada and around the world. Over the years, however, this leadership had been eroded because of new competitors and lack of an aggressive brand that continued to maintain AU’s competitive position. Our job was to help AU reclaim this position with a refreshed brand story, beginning with a reinvented mark that told the story of openness and accessibility, then positioning, then a global advertising, marketing and media plan. We launched the new brand internally with a video that positioned AU’s history alongside its vision for the future, which is for them to be ‘Focused on the future of learning.’ AU’s new positioning spoke about AU being open to everyone, no matter where you are in the world, no matter what you want to achieve. AU is your portal from where you are today to where you want to be.


Within four months of launching the new brand, AU saw a 6% rise in enrollment.