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National Music Centre Out Loud Gala


National Music Centre



When music speaks to you, it uses some colourful language.

The Challenge:

Create a brand for the National Music Centre’s premier fundraising event—the Out Loud Gala.

The Solution:

For their first fundraising event, the National Music Centre wanted to create an experience that would enable guests to see music in a new way. To reflect this idea in the event brand and collateral, we created an identity that would literally bring this concept to life—we created art using only musical instruments.

To do this, we gathered a variety of instruments and used them to splatter, blow and shake paint on canvases to enable people to see music like never before. Each instrument created a pattern that captured its unique personality and tone. Drums had an energetic look, the violin was more somber and refined, and the trumpet had a soulful flow. Each unique piece of instrument art was used in invites, videos and event collateral to draw music enthusiasts from across the country to support the National Music Centre.