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Market Mall Spring Carnimal


Market Mall



Market Mall wanted to celebrate spring, so we got to show off our green thumbs, paws and tails with the Spring Carnimal.

The Challenge

Create a campaign built around Market Mall’s giant topiary animals to celebrate spring and drive traffic to the mall.

The Solution

To capture the idea of growth and celebrate the return of flowers and fun to Calgary, we built the concept of The Spring Carnimal around Market Mall’s giant topiary animals. The campaign focused on a magical carnival that the world’s animals hold every year to celebrate spring.

We created a unique story around the Spring Carnimal using a whimsical fairytale style, and gave each of the animals their own unique talent and personality. These stories were brought to life through fairy tale inspired illustrated posters. We worked closely with a set designer to work items from our stories into the sets around every animal to ensure that every touch point had a sense of magic to it.

The in-mall experience was supported by flagship 3-D transit shelters featuring bright flowers in full bloom, integrated Facebook posts and a contest for a family trip to the San Diego Zoo.