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Distress Centre 2012 Annual Report


Distress Centre



For their 2012 annual report, Distress Centre wanted to let the numbers do the talking. So we let the numbers tell their whole story—with a little help from some fancy illustrations.

The Challenge

Communicate the emotion of Distress Centre’s story while focusing on the statistics that prove their results.

The Solution

For the 2012 annual report, we needed to communicate the impressive results Distress Centre achieves, but we wanted to ensure that a statistic driven piece didn’t lose the human element of what they do.

To accomplish this, we created a horizontal annual report that featured an illustrated narrative that guided the reader through our statistics. The illustration focused on the journey of a young woman from distress to happiness. The report began with a dark illustration style and got progressively lighter to demonstrate the woman’s transition from the darkness and confusion of distress to the bright and calm of support and assistance. This journey served to highlight our statistics, while creating a strong emotional connection that brought the Distress Centre’s story and mission to life in an impactful and visceral way.