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Confucius Institute


Confucius Institute


2012 - 2013

Learn More: Making Chinese language and culture more accessible for Edmontonians. (‘Xie. Xie’. - Thank You.)


To build awareness of the Confucius Institute in Edmonton to further its mandate and the sale of products and services.


The Confucius Institute in Edmonton is one of a global network of Chinese institutes that have the mandate of furthering Chinese culture and language. Confucius Institute (CI) headquarters are located in Beijing, and the program is overseen by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban), a non-profit organization affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and the United Front Work Department. The institutes operate in co-operation with local affiliate colleges and universities around the world. The aim is to have 1,000 Confucius Institute’s globally by 2020. Our goal was to make Chinese language and culture accessible in Edmonton. To do this we focused the brand with a new positioning statement, and launched an advertising campaign that educated people right in the advertising environment with simple English phrases that incorporated Chinese character to engage people to fill in the blanks. Such phrases as ‘Think outside the box’, where box was replaced by a Chinese character, or ‘Rock, paper scissors’ where scissors was replaced with a Chinese character, created the opportunity to educate and make our message more sticky. The copy tell the reader that they’ve just taken the first step in learning Chinese, and they are prompted to learn more on the CI Edmonton website. The positioning we created for CIE, ‘Learn more’ is both a prompt to continue the journey and an embodiment of CI’s mission and vision.