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Creative Director

Okay, yes, you’ll be our Creative Director. But you’ll also be leading our Storytelling team. Of course you would be, as you’ve got years of experience telling brand stories. You also get how technology allows us to tell stories like never before. You’ve got the skill set that’s only starting to emerge – a creative leader who understands brand building, user experience, creative technology while being right at home with traditional channels.

What you have:

As the leader of our Storytelling team, you are a seasoned Creative Director who’s won a shelf full of awards, but you get that’s only half the opportunity. You’re just as proud of the fact those ads moved the needle for clients and solved a tough brief in the process.

You also understand the evolution of the Creative Director role. It’s now about Art, Copy and Code. And ideas that find the balance between humanity and technology to connect on an emotional level. You have the chops to contribute in your own craft, but also add value by guiding aspiring art directors, storytellers and creative technologists to use data to surface ideas that drive a business outcome, not just an awards show entry.

What you’ll need:

You have 5+ years as a Creative Director and/or Senior Leader in a Creative Department. Your core craft skills are in Copywriting or Art Direction with an emphasis on campaign work, and you have a combination of the following:

  • Awarded Conceptual Skills
  • Adult Presentation Skills
  • Core Copywriting or Art Direction Skills
  • Integrated Campaign Skills (Traditional/Digital)
  • Ability to Lead and Inspire Multidisciplinary Teams, including UX, UI, Writers, Art Directors, Designers and Developers
  • Industry Awards and Personal Brand Recognition
  • Portfolio/Reel of Traditional/Digital/Social Campaign Work

Start the Conversation:

With Best of Show two out of the last four years at our local award show, you’ve got big shoes to fill. Think you’re capable? Reach out and start the conversation: